Friday, August 31, 2007

Black and White Wedding Photos

And now for the black and fav's of all the pictures!
The bridal party at the ceremony
After the ceremony, I love this pose
Us posing behind the cake that my Mother insisted that I have...I'm glad she bought it now :)
Cutting the yummy cake
This wasn't supposed to be "blurred" but I love it anyway
Another unintentional pose...Kristen was asked to give me a kiss and he did but behind his hand so nobody would see. I think this is my FAVOURITE pose of all but unfortunately Kristen's face is partially hidden so it won't be the one that we send out to everyone.
The the rubber boots weren't my idea but went along with it anyway and boy am I happy I did. Again, amongst some of the favourites :)

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Myrna Hynes said...

You got some really good pics here...b&w's are great! I love the blurred one behind the cake, the one with you cuddled into Kristen's shoulder, and the hitchhiking ones the best...but I love the rest too! I'd have a hard time picking through them!