Wednesday, August 15, 2007

9 Years....

Today we celebrate our 9 year anniversary...yep that's right...almost a decade.
We're not going to do anything to celebrate today as we're going to Nfld between now and the end of Sept (can't give anymore details than that because we haven't told our families the exact date) so we'll just do something while we're there.
I read this quote the other day and I immediately thought of Kristen:
"It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self" - Agnes Repplier
That's so true for him, he is the person that he spends all his leisure time doing....if that makes sense at all. He's a hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman,'s all these things of what he does, that make him who he is.
Last night I was reading one of his Men's Journal magazines and the letter from the editor was talking about how leisure activites contribute to a better well rounded man rather than the old mentalities that the leisure activities were to ONLY escape family life and so on. I actually agree with both statements...that his leisure activities are an escape...but who doesn't need that alone time, some space to think, and just clear the mind? It does in turn, make you a better person when go back to the hectic job or family life feeling refreshed and happy.
Kristen is a wonderful person whom I'm very lucky to have as a significant other. He takes good care of me, he's supportive of the quirky personality that I am, he's a great family man who loves kids, always has time for a friend in need, and simply...he makes me happy :)
Happy Anniversary Kristen


Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Aren`t you glad you found the right person at such a young age. (That`s what I always say when people try to tell me that I`m to young to have been with the same person for 13 years) It isn`t for everyone but when it works it works. Here`s to many more!

Stephanie said...

I guess now we know what the something you`ll do while you`re in NL was-get married!! Congrats!