Friday, July 20, 2007

West 7 from West 7. I apologize for the poor quality...2 reasons
1) Hard to take quality pictures in a bar with crazy light show going on
2) My brother didn't send original's so I had to steal copies off of his Facebook
Here's the Bro and I....out for a good time :)

It was the night of bachelor, bachelorette, and birthday parties

They made them all get on stage and take a shot from someone of the opposite sex, who were just random people pulled from the crowd. See far right....the ONLY bachelor who at some point in the night I ended up signing the back of his shirt.

Blaine's attempt at the line dancing, here he's taking a break to observe.
Doesn't his expression just say it all? LOL :)

And since I CANNOT line dance, I joined the girls off to the side who dance "normally"
Shake it ladies! Not quite...but hey...we don't know how to line dance!

So here's the story.....after a few "Smirnoffs" and later in the evening, they start playing more dance music instead of country. I was out dancing with a girl named Sandra that I met, and all of a sudden a country song comes on and yep...I'm caught in the middle of ALL the line dancers. WELL my luck, Sandra who can't line dance either "just happens" to know how to line dance to this song....meaning, I am TRAPPED! Yep....I attempted line dancing.

Let's just say it was NOT pretty...notice everyone with the left leg up doing some "move" and I'm just standing there flat footed? And the culprit Sandra...she's to the right of the yellow shirt guy...can't really see her but a portion of her butt and long brown hair...see her??

Just LOOK at my expression in this picture.....horror mixed with laughter. The guy in the yellow shirt was trying to help me out, but inside, I know he's thinking this girl is such a loser!

So that was my West 7 adventure. Lesson learned? I want to know how to line dance :(


Myrna Hynes said...

LMAO at you line dancing. I always felt like an idiot when country songs would come on at the bar and EVERYONE else seems to know what they're doing. I guess we're out of the loop on the country scene. Maybe we should check out lessons.

Daphne Hughes said...

LMAO, well at least you tried, that's more than I would have done, I can't line dance either....nor do I have any interest in learning. lol.