Monday, June 4, 2007

Trial & Error

Sarah does the CUTEST pout of her bottom lip so with Mommy's permission I was trying to capture it on camera when they came to visit on Saturday....

Don't think it really worked but isn't Baby Sarah just ADORABLE?!?!?
Then I was taking pictures of our guests and Kristen and he saw me do something and said " looks like you want me to take a picture of you..." I said it would be nice since I'm always the photographer so it's like I don't exist....and this is what we get....and this is why I am the photographer!!!

Happy Monday :)


Daphne Hughes said...

I love the last picture of's awesome.

Myrna Hynes said...

See? You even look good when you're being goofy like in the "kiss" picture. And then there's me in the background laughing my ass off and REALLY looking like a :)

Poor baby Sarah was doing the pouty lip to her dad today when she realized that his boobs didn't exactly provide what she was looking for.