Monday, May 14, 2007

We have a Fence

We have a's "almost"'s so great having our own space. We only have to put lattice on top but I really don't know if it'll be done this summer since ourselves and neighbours are feeling the pinch of building a fence and trying to get settled in our homes. We'll see how the summer goes.
Here are the post after they were installed.
And all the "boys" in the neighbourhood working on their own fences.

Kristen making his contribution to the backyard fences, and here's the almost finished product.

So Friday night I did my cleaning and was in bed pretty early. Saturday morning Kristen and I were awake at 6 freaking 30 ...cause Kristen couldn't wait to go to some yard sales...I could have strangled Around 7:30 we finally headed out the door and to some yard sales. I spent $1.10 :) I got some travel stickers, some veggie stickers and a double set of alphabet die cuts. Only scrapbookers have a clue what I'm talking about and have a clue of how good a deal this is. And all the proceeds were going to Breast win!
Then we went grocery shopping and bought some herbs for our garden. I have to post pictures..we have rosemary, thyme, parsley, spearmint and peppermint.
Then the boys started at the fence and Myrna came to help me finish my painting...when she first called to say she was coming by to help I thought gee I really don't want to do this today but I knew it was exactly the kick in the pants I need to get it finished and boy am I glad it feels so good and I love my house even more now:

Yesterday Kristen and I finished cleaning up the backyard and last night we watched Alpha Dog and The Hitcher. The Hictcher was okay, some jumpy parts and the some of your typical cheesy scary movies things. As for Alpha Dog I must say I REALLY liked this movie, I think mainly because it's based on a true's a link Kristen found about it:
And here's some pictures of some of the front yard gardening we've been working on

And that's all for now....Happy Monday!


Jenny said...

Oh my God, we finally have internet. :) Wow, the finished product of your house looks great. Okay have to read on now. Miss you lots.

Daphne Hughes said...

Wow...your house is looking great!!! I so need to come and see it in person. Some day I hope.