Friday, May 18, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

I had my first mini road rage yesterday...well gas pump rage. I am a very patient person (or I think so anyway) and yesterday while waiting for my turn at the gas station (very long line ups) I backed up to let the vehicle go and when I went to pull back up another guy took my spot.
Apparently the pump behind the van (which I couldn't see) wasn't working, so this guy instead of going and waiting in line like everyone else, drove around the pylon in front of the broken pump and butted in!!! I was pissed! I did the two hand "what the hell" pose and he just shook his head at me. So I put the car in park, through off my seat belt and down went the window. I pretty much went flailing out and was like "DUDE could have backed up and let me have that pump" ...yes I said dude...To which he replied "doesn't work..." in a deep dumbass tone, and motioned to the one behind him. Me being in hissy fit mode make a really loud "huff" and got back in the window. I was fuming...he could have said sorry or said I didn't realize it til I pulled up, or said something to try & explain a little bit but Noooooo...just goes and not only fills up his car but a gas can too! THEN the nerve...when he's finished waits for me to back up to let him go instead of going back the way he came. And didn't even wave to thank me for moving out of his way. I should have stayed still and made him back up.
Anyway...a couple in an SUV next to me saw the whole thing...when I finally pulled up to the tank I said to the lady, I'm normally very patient but that really annoyed me. She said, no you're right he was very rude. Well at least "someone" agreed with me and I wasn't just PMS'ing or maybe I was which is why I reacted the way I did...anyway off topic and not the point. I got home and told Kristen about it and he told me I was turning into a redneck...funny funny...but I really don't normally get on like that. I take the 401 EVERY day and with all the jerks on the road I still don't over-react or even give the finger when I really want too.
I just want to know what happened to common courstesy and manners? And waiting your turn, being a good neighbour, or good 'ol chivalry where a man steps aside for a lady? Are we so caught up in ourselves and where we're headed that we just don't care about the common good of man....or do we have a mentality of I'll get them before they get me attitude?
I don't know honestly....but it's discouraging if this is going to be the "norm" of the future. You know this never would have happened "back in the day"...if anything, the argument would have been over who should "go" to the pump rather than arguing over who the theif was.
And yes, I have remorse for my outburst because if I do not put in check my own actions then who will? And if I continue the behaviour then I'm contributing to the problem, not the solution. I think it's time that we get back to the good old fashioned least back then they kept things simple, they were happy and most of all they were "patient"

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