Thursday, May 10, 2007

Air Miles

What a mess Air Miles had me in yesterday. Let me explain...
All winter I had been calling here and there to see if the flights for West Jet from Toronto to Nfld had been released. It had to be West Jet because it would only cost us 1800 air miles instead of 3600 air miles if we flew Air Canada. Every time I called I would obviously get a different person since I think it's basically a call centre, and one would say keep calling back because the west jet flights could be uploaded at anytime, then finally I get a girl who says all flights for Deer Lake won't be uploaded until May 14th since that's when West Jet will start flying into Deer Lake, then Myrna's husband Jamie told me he was told the same thing so I thought okay, fair enough, that makes sense. Meaning...I stopped calling.
I called Air Miles yesterday to confirm flights were still being uploaded on Monday and the guy that answered the phone was like "what are you talking about?" long story short the flights were uploaded AGES ago and all the dates I wanted, to go home, were SOLD OUT! Yes, sold the guy started trying different dates and couldn't get anything to work out for me.
Since I had called from work (hey I was wasting my last 10 minutes of the day) I drove home so distracted that I honestly don't remember half the drive. Ate some dinner and then got on the computer to start pricing flights, which were WAY out of our price range. So I go on the phone again....was holding 20 freaking minutes before someone finally answered and was able to book a flight home, have to say thank you to the guy that answered he was so helpful and patient with me, I'm thinking he heard the desperation in my voice :) We only have 8 days home but it's better than not going at all.
But I was so upset, I just don't understand why this one girl was telling everyone something that wasn't true. Did she hate her job so much that she just couldn't have been bothered to help a customer? We're just lucky that this worked out for Kristen and I, but who's to say Jamie and Myrna are going to be able to get their flights and they are NOT flexible with their dates like Kristen and I were.
Anyway that's my complaint session for today...have a good one's another hot one for those of you in the GTA :)


Stephanie said...

Glad you got a ticket! Do you mean you can use Aeroplan miles for WestJet flights?? I didn`t know that.

Quirky Christa said...

No it's actual Air Miles we used with West Jet but it's only 900 return from Toronto to Deer Lake instead of 1800 thru Air Canada because we have an air miles credit card, the Bank of Montreal Mosaik.

Janis & Rodney said...

Hey Krista, I have a question? is that 1800 for you both return ? or is it just for one person?
Have a great trip home :-)

Myrna said...

No idea what Jamie and I are going to do as he really wants to be home for his Nan's 80th birthday party/family reunion thingy. The situation sucks because we were hoping to use airmiles...hopefully we'll get something worked out.