Friday, March 2, 2007

Pink Tulips

So...I'm told that blogging about Grey's Anatomy on Friday mornings ruin the surprises for some of my devout readers :) Not realizing at the time if you miss Thursdays episode you can usually catch it again Friday night...! apologies. However, I cannot promise that when Grey's is not a re-run, like last night, that I won't be gushing on about it on Friday mornings.
I was happy that Grey's was a re-run last night, it was an episode that I missed,..yes very ashamed to say I have missed episodes here and there. I kept cracking up at it...the guys camping trip has to be the funniest episode, where most of their shows I'm bawling my eyes out. So to Grey's...thanks for the comic relief.
I left work early yesterday, with bosses permission of course, due to the crazy storm that hit quite quickly yesterday. Took me an hour and a half where normally it takes 45 min which isn't too bad considering. At least I made it home safe & sound. Kristen got home about 10 min before me, along with some pink tulips.
He bought them from a co-worker who was selling them as a fundraiser for lung cancer I think.
Tulips aren't my favourite flower but they come a close second when they're in PINK :) These are one of the flowers I would like to plant in my cutting garden, when I start it.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Ickie said...

So pretty. I miss Greys Anatomy last night so Im glad it was a rerun. I saw that one. It was great. Not sure if youve been following the news about Katherine Heigl leaving the show. I was glad to hear today that she isnt.

myrna_weblog said...

That's a really nice pic of the tulips. Really like how you did the "side profile".