Friday, March 16, 2007

Peterborough HERE I COME!

Well it's been a rough week, surprisingly it went fast but it's been a roller coaster. More work related but that's life, going to have weeks that are harder than others.On a good note, we're going to Peterborough tomorrow for Kristen's hockey tournament. It'll be at the Evinrude Centre. Boy am I looking forward to a night away and some time to just hang out and have some fun. Really need the break this weekend :) Also, Kristen's and my birthdays are next week so what a better excuse to celebrate!!

Other pleasant things....I bought bulbs to plant for my cutting garden. I bought both a white calla lily bulb & a pink one, every year they'll keep doubling and I'll get more blooms. So start small and hopefully end up with lots.

And now the best part...Grey's Antomy & Ugly Betty for those of you who will be watching Grey's Anatomy tonight I won't ruin it for you BUT what a great episode!! I cannot WAIT til next week. Ugly Betty was a good episode too...I really think I will go into cardiac arrest if any of these shows get cancelled.

Anyway I think that's all....I have 30 minutes before I'm done work for the day (shhh...don't tell I blog at work sometimes) And then I'm going to "thoroughly" enjoy my weekend. Have a good one everyone!

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