Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend In Review

It was a pretty good weekend, Friday after work I ran a few errands then went to Kristen's hockey game. Quite a loss this week, the score was 9-5 :(
Saturday Myrna called pretty early, I was awake but not up...asking if Kristen and I wanted to go to Ikea with her and Jamie. So we did...we purchased a few more items for the house. Then we stopped in to Bass Pro since we were in the area and Kristen had said he needed to pick up one quick item. We ended up buying a turkey deep fryer...and it was not the quick item that Kristen had went there to buy....geesh! I am pleased about the purchase though.
Then Saturday evening we went by Myrna's & Jamie's where Myrna is seriously in "nesting" mode. Those of you not familiar with nesting, it's the last crazy cleaning frenzy that a new mom goes on before the baby arrives. She had already gutted out her closets and reorganized, she had the boys completely change around all her bedroom furniture since it wasn't laid out properly to add the bassinette to the room. And she was also going on about the things that HAD to be done this week, a couple of which are pictures that she wanted put on the walls to which I said to her "but haven't you been in the house a year that some of these could have been done?" She just giggled and said "yes" ...that girl!
Sunday I painted the bathroom (finally...I really like the change), did some cleaning, Kristen did the laundry, and deep fried wings for dinner (in the new fryer of course). Then he went to hockey, I finished folding the laundry and watched Thomas Crown Affair (really like that movie). Our old neighbour came for a visit earlier in the was really nice seeing him and just listening to him, his friend and Kristen share their hunting stories.
And that was it.....oh and I finished reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. Must say I really liked it though there were a couple of parts that dragged out a bit. Definitely would like to see this made into a movie like the Da Vinci Code.

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