Friday, October 27, 2006

Annual Pumpkin Carve Tonight!

...and boy am I excited. Have no idea why I'm such a quirky person, who gets so excited about scooping pumpkins and cutting holes in them...ME!! That's who!

I'm carving 3 pumpkins tonight, 1 for Esau and 2 for me. I do have a 4th pumpkin, if I do decide to carve that one, it'll have to be some other evening before Tuesday cause I know I won't have time or feel like doing that many tonight. I also keep all the seeds cause Kristen bakes YUMMY pumpkin seeds.

Since it's been such a busy week, here are some pictures that I haven't had a chance to post....

This was last Thursday, Steph came by to for a bit and Tristan decided he wanted to watch some of the Leafs game with Kristen. GO LEAFS GO!

Saturday: Kristen and I babysat Esau, this is when he was having his 3.5 hr nap! Yes that long! He's so sweet, a typical 2 year old (well almost two), and LOVES water. Caught him with his two hands in the toilet bowl, splashing away and laughing and sqeauling much to his delight! And much to my horror, when I grabbed him he put his TWO hands in his mouth. I immediately washed his hands with soap and wiped his face, but really how do you wash out his mouth? The damage was done....poor thing...I'm such a horrible

And here's our front porch, all ready for Halloween, I'll post more pics of the pumpkins lit up on Halloween night. I love to get those pumpkin lights to hang above the door so I could keep the porch light off but I doubt I'll get a chance to get out and buy any this weekend. Not a big deal. Can you see my wooden ghosts in the window? There's an orange light that glows behind them.

Will also post pictures of the pumpkin carve tonight and the oh so awesome finished products. Have a great weekend everyone! Oh anyone going to Halloween parties this weekend?? Would love to see pictures of your costumes :)

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myrna_weblog said...

Funny about Esau and the splashing in the toilet - kids will be kids! lol :)
Did Kristen bake me some pumpkin seeds? I just LOVE how he does yummy!