Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So here is why I'm so ANAL....

I was very rushed this morning, felt like I was going around in circles. Decided to go to the porch to put on my shoes and noticed Steph in the driveway. Grabbed my lunch and coffee and ran out to the garage (was leaving my house keys with Kenda since all the spares are in use) I was all in panic (that has to be newfie slang) cause I couldn't get the stupid garage door open and I was afraid that Steph hadn't seen me and was going to ring the doorbell and wake Kenda.

Anyway, I finally got the door open and we were driving up my street and realized I had forgotten my purse. Steph said "well we can go back", I said "there's no point I'm completely locked out (locked the door from the garage to the house on my way out)" so we had to go back to her house to get her pass (she had forgotten her's at home and we need it to get into our office) cause mine is, you guessed it, in my purse.

And this takes me back to why I'm so anal, anal in that I HAVE to be organized. If possible I prepare whatever I can the night before, for work the next day (lunches, outfits, etc) but last night we were late getting home (ball hockey) and I stayed up watching a bit of Big Brother with Kenda so I didn't have a chance to do anything. Then somehow I hit snooze a 2nd time this morning, neither Kristen or I heard it, meaning we were 10 min later getting up. I know 10 minutes isn't a huge deal but just enough to throw off the whole morning and my routine! And because of that I forgot my purse! My lifeline, you even realize how much stuff can actually fit in a woman's purse?!?!?

I can guarantee I'll be organized tonight and I won't forget my purse tomorrow!

P.S. Purse is in green, cause it was my favourite green purse that I had forgotten :(


dafrhug said...

Argh! forgetting your purse has got to be the worst. I have absolutely everything in my purse. It is my lifeline too. I'm sure any woman could survive anywhere as long as she has her purse with her. lol.

myrna_weblog said...

I would feel so naked without my purse. My goodness, it's like an extension of my body now. lol :)
I too like to prepare things the night before for work but for a different reason than you - it's not so much about organization, I just want to sleep until the very last possible second in the a.m.

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