Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Great Weekend

Now that I've posted a bunch of pictures of the weekend it's time I talk about it. The time went very quickly and was very refreshing. When we got there pretty late Friday night, finally went to be around 1:30am and then ended up chatting with Jen until like 4 in the morning. I sleep with Jen cause there's only 3 beds in the cottage and Myrna & Vicki like their space. Not to mention as previously mentioned I get homesick so it's quite alright if I have company at night. Once we finally decided it was time to stop talking and go to sleep I dozed off immediately to wake up all of a sudden with the homesick bad was turning daylight when I finally got back to sleep. It looks like I'm not completely cured, but taking baby steps towards not being homesick all the time. The other two nights we were there I slept quite well, Saturday night cause I was just soooo exhausted and Sunday night cause I had been out in the fresh air all day. I was just as excited to be going home on Monday and I was to be leaving on Friday. No worries Kristen I ended up missing you lots and lots afterall ;) wink, wink

I took almost a whole film of pictures (24 exposures) which Kristen is picking up from Costco for me today, if I have time tonight I will scan and post a couple of the good ones (if there are any). In case you're wondering this manual camera is a Nokia or Canon camera from the 80's, I think, it was a kickass camera back in the day and I LOVE it! It takes great pictures. Kristen got it just before we got together so that would have been 1998. Luckily Kristen prefers the digital so when there's a need for us to take a camera each there's not much dicussion as to who get's which camera. Mind you I've never had any formal training of photography and I've always enjoyed taking pictures but since starting Scrapbooking I've really developed a love for it. Maybe it's something I should pursue as another hobby, we'll see I guess.

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myrna_weblog said...

Make sure you email me those scans (including the HORRID ones of me so I can remind myself of why I absolutely need to lose weight). You really did a great job with some of those shots.