Monday, March 6, 2006

Good Weekend

It was a busy weekend but a good weekend. Friday evening we visited with Nanny Betty & Poppy Manuel and decided to take Esau to his first hockey game (sorry no pics, the batteries were too cold). He was sooooo good, he actually sat and watched the first 5 min or so...then he wanted to get down and run (he is 15 months old) so the rest of the game he was running around, every now and then he would stop and point, and I would say yeah hockey. He would grin and off he would run again....just too cute :)

Saturday Brian and Angel were at the house (actually they showed up just after hockey on Friday night) but she was sick all day (I think she got a virus, they think its food poisoning). Seemed like we had company all day, Steph came by, then Jason and Corey came by, then we went to Georgetown to Canadian Tire and my brother showed up just as we were leaving. When I got home I made dinner for Blaine, Brian and was delicious! Actually maybe that's the recipe I'll post tomorrow. Then Blaine left, Steph and Jason showed up again, then Nanny Betty and Poppy Manuel showed up. Around 10 pm everyone had left and we were headed to Stephs and Jason's house to watch UFC.

Sunday slept in WAY too late, didn't get up until noon. Basically wasted the day away watching tv and doing laundry, cooked a small dinner and then went to watch Kristens hockey game. And that was my busy weekend.


Jenny said...

12 noon......are you kidding. :) And you used to make fun of me. lol

dafrhug said...

I wish I could sleep in untill noon. I'm definetly jealeous.

Stephanie said...

Please post that recipe. I`m looking for some new meal ideas. I actually have to cook again now that Cory is home.