Thursday, February 2, 2006

Newfie Valentines Poem

Still in the spirit of love, here's a poem that I received via email yesterday...

I writes ta say I loves ya by
Cause I don't say it very much
Everytime I tries ta cuddle ya

I tried ta be more gentle
Took me rubbers off outside
When I told ya where I was last nite
Ya always tinks I lied

Ya knows I loves me Fishin
Ya knows I loves me boat
But you're da life preserver
I needs to stay afloat

So I got ya sometin , Really nice
How much, please don't ass
But you'll ,find it a lot easier now
When ya goes ta cut da Grass!

Just pull da cord,stand behind
Steer her as you go
Next Valintines I'll get ya sometin
Dat helps ya shovel snow

So keep up da cookin & cleanin
You're de only one I got
To keep me duds all washed and clean
And me coffee always hot

You knows dat I appreciates
Your home made buns & Bread
And I hope dat it continues on
Till one of us is dead

So happy happy Valentines
And here's you're real big treat
Bring me Beer, Get over here
Sit down and rub me feet.


Ickie said...

This poem is wicked. I love it.

dafrhug said...

LMAO, I'm going to have to read that in to Colin. I love it.

myrna_weblog said...

Jamie thought it was great...he would! lol :)