Friday, February 3, 2006

The Coward Who won't leave a comment...

I don't even know what to title this post, where do I begin??? A girl I knew in highschool left a comment on a fellow bloggers most recent of course I'm like, awesome I have to read her blog and see what she's up too. I read her blog, just a couple of posts since she's new to the whole thing and then I'm I leave a comment or not? Let me tell you the story as to why....oh before I begin the story, Jen who is one of my dearest friends knew of this whole story even before I met her.

Let me take you back to highschool, grade 9 I started dating a guy not from my hometown. On weekends I would go visit him or vice versa, most times I went to his town since I love travelling (even if it is only 1 hour away) and meeting new people. Well my ex had two really good friends whom I thought were great guys, one of them had just started seeing someone (yes the girl with the new blog). Every now and then when I would call the love interest and he wouldn't be home, automatic assumption, he's at his friends house so I would call one of the friends to see how they were doing and say hi (but the true motive being to find out where the love interest might be hiding out....remember we were only dating and I was 14). So we broke up, and then he graduated from highschool and moved away. On to the summer I was going to Grade 10 or grade 11, I think.....a couple of guys whom I met through the ex came to our town to visit and to obviously hook up with some of the local girls. Myself and a friend hung out with them for the evening, my friend hooked up with the one but I did NOT hook up with the other cause he had a girlfriend (actually I think they both did), they drove us home and that was it, or so I thought.

Until the next day guy "a" calls (he's the cheater) to tell me that guy "b"'s girlfriend thinks I hooked up with guy "b" last night. I'm like well know we didn't so what's the problem? Guy "a" tells me that guy "b" told his girlfriend that we did cause she wouldn't believe him if he told the truth anyway. Unbelieveable!! I couldn't believe it, why in the world would he do such a thing? I decide I'm going to call the girlfriend (I know her a bit too) to fix everything up, well guy "a" says no don't do that. I argue with him for a bit and he won't give me her number or her parents name so I can look it up in the phone book. On to later in the day when a blue car comes speeding up our driveway and 5 girls get out (with all intentions of kicking my ass) guess who one of the 5 girls are, the best friend of the girlfriend in question and who's also the ex's friends girlfriend (confused Great just great....I stand my ground, tell the truth and this girl says "but didn't you call my boyfriend before" and I'm like yes, so now in their eyes I'm guilty no matter what I say. They drive away and nobody kicks my ass...phew!

A couple years later I see the girlfriend of guy "b" and yes they were still together (not sure if they still are or not) and she says hi to me and smiles. I say hi back and that's it, I'm off with my friends. So I think I must be forgiven. Either way it doesn't matter anymore, it was highschool, I know I wasn't a tramp, and only he and I know the truth of the situation regardless of what everyone does or does not believe. But I want to leave a comment on this girls blog cause I did genuinely like her and that was so long ago and so childish and just plain old highschool crap. I mention to Jen that I want to leave a comment but she probably hates me, but she reassures me that it was so long ago that it would be fine. I choose NOT to leave a comment, not for now anyway. Maybe she'll read this and have a good ol laugh of this story and the blast from the past. Who Knows? But for now I'll cowardly read her blog without leaving the comments (the one thing I complained about just a week ago)


myrna_weblog said...

I kinda know this story as you've talked about it before but READING it, I'm so confused. Anyways, silly highschool stuff. If you don't feel comfortable, don't leave a comment. If something she blogs in future really sparks your interest, then leave a comment. No biggie either way I'm sure.

Messa1981 said...

I think I may know what and who your talking about but I am not 100% sure. Just remember that it was highschool and all!! Follow your heart and it will lead you to what you should do! I mean whats the worst that can happen right, she remembers it and you both laugh about how silly it was!!! I don't think most people keep grudges from highschool but you never know right!!! But if your not comfortable leaving a comment then don't and maybe she'll end up reading your blogs and leave a comment for you!!