Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sick again...

Since moving to the new house, it seems I'm sick more often then I'm well. I honestly not have been sick this much and with so many different things in the past two years or more that I can recall. And since Nov. 1st I've had 3 different illnesses that I can think of, 2 in Nov. and one now. I woke up yesterday morning (approx 4:20am) with SUCH a bad stomach by 5am I was puking. So I called in sick, devestated that I was using a sick day so early in the year and spent the rest of the day puking and sleeping. Last night around 9pm I finally started to feel a little better though my head was pounding. I managed to get a decent nights sleep and today I came to work. My stomach still really hurts and it's been hard trying to eat but I think with another good nights rest and some r&r tonight I should be okay. I'm not going to volleyball cause I figure the jumping and running probably won't be a good

So I wanted to share a few little stories that happened yesterday, Kristen had to go to the airport to pick up Angel (Brians girlfriend) and half of her luggage went to Calgary (since she was a connecting flight) and some of the luggage that was there was actually for the Calgary people. She said it was an inconvenience but she wasn't half as upset as two other guys. Sometimes I just don't get how the airports can make such a simple yet big mistake, I mean obviously they unloaded the wrong compartment.

Also I called Bev for Kristen to see if Angel had left for her flight and she was telling me that Sasha (their husky) went outside about 4am that morning to come back in the house around 4:30 to find her tongue and mouth area covered in quills from a porcupine. They tried their best to remove them but had to give up and bring her to the vet. $102 later she's quill free, has been sedated to remove the quills and has medicine for infection. Poor Puppy, hope she's feeling better soon. Anyway that's all my stories for today....til next time.


myrna_weblog said...

Well I hope you're feeling better today. That's nasty stuff...Vanessa Goosney was saying that Eyon and the kids all had it too, Eyon was still "konked" Obviously stil going around that yucky flu bug.
Poor Puppy with the quills :(

dafrhug said...

I hope your feeling better. All those construction workers must have left a flu bug in you new house - I'd report it. lol.