Friday, November 4, 2005

Nan Ball

I just read Myrna's blog about her grandfather and of course I start crying at work. I'm such a basket case sometimes. I think it was so raw for me cause I talked to Nan Ball last night. She turned 84 on Wednesday (didn't call Wed cause I wasn't home due to vball). I can't say of all the grandchildren I was the only one who had this oh so special bond with her but I can say for a fact that she loves us all very dearly and for completely different reasons. I love talking with her though, she has such a GREAT memory and tells so many stories from her childhood and our extended family, etc. But what bothers me the most is she was always so full of spunk and energy and these days when I say how are ya doing nan? She replies "oh okay I suppose, hard to get around, or as good as expected for an old lady" and then I ask about pop and her reply for him is even worse. Just so upsetting not to be close and the reality that I may never get home to see them alive again.

But I do want to share a couple of things we talked about last night cause I find it so interesting. She was telling me her parents and Pop's parents name. Her father was Naaman Enos Chaulk, both names are from the Bible, her mother was Susanna Wall (maiden name) she had no middle name and everyone called her Susie. Pop's parents were David Ball (don't know his middle name) and his mother was Eliza Mary Hussey (maiden name, pronounced huzzie not

She also told me the story of her hair colour...when she was a little girl she had fiery red hair. Then she got thyphoid fever (need to do some research on this yet) and it causes your hair to fall out. When her hair grew back it grew back a really dark brown, almost black. And that's the colour its been until just a few years ago (maybe 5-10) when she got her first few grey hairs. She still doesn't have many and she's often accused of getting it dyed which she is strongly opposed too so I know she doesn't.

So yeah, just some stuff of my Grandmother Ball oh her name is Grace and I found out she has no middle name, her name is Grace and that's it.


myrna_weblog said...

It's so important to stay connected to our grandparents. They are our heritage and have so much to share with us about their lives and our family.

dafrhug said...

Isn't it awesome to hear about your family history like that? I've been researching my family tree for the last year and have found out many facts about my family that I didn't know. It really is amazing.