Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well last night Kristen and I went to Acton (2nd time this week and it's only Wed) the house is really coming along. Soaker tub, windows, doors, wiring, plumbing all installed, not to mention our garage floor is now poured. So we went by Jason's and Steph's house where she was still preparing dinner at 7:30 I strongly suggested to her she starting using her slowcooker. Which reminds me I need get Myrna to share her ribs recipe with her. Anyway....the reason we went by was to pick up money and waivers for registration for the Brampton Volleyball league, womens division. Only a few weeks away and our Wednesday girls night out will begin. I look forward to these nights, not only because I LOVE VOLLEYBALL but because it's a good way to just socialize with my girlfriends and have a great time out. This year since so many of us are going to be Acton residents we had to alter our addresses a little bit...he, he, cause 80% of your team must be from Brampton and since 4 out of 8 will be driving in,...the numbers didn't quite add up :)

I'm so excited to be getting back into the swing of things, I do enjoy fall for so many reasons...change of season, the colours, Thanksgiving & Halloween but most of all getting back into the "winter" routine of hockey, pilates, and the greatest thing of all VOLLEYBALL! If you're from Brampton check out the website

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