Wednesday, September 7, 2005


I've decided that blogger needs new font colours, I want PINK!! This is the closest they have to it.

Anyway, thanks to Myrna and Jennifer...about 2 years ago they got me into scrapbooking. They had been bugging me for quite a while to take up the hobby. I had done amateur scrapbooks in previous years but nothing like what they were doing. I kept saying, "nope cause then I have to commit and what if I get tired and I have all this supplies?!?! So nope, stop asking me." Finally I cracked and picked up the habit.

Then last Sept (2004) I had a hardcore scrapbooking day with them and then....that was it. Nothing, I probably did 4 pages after that date. Until last weekend that was...we decided to get together on Sunday (Sept. 4th, 2005) I did 5 or 6 pages and now once again I'm hooked. I'm kicking myself for getting so behind. However, I'm not discouraged about what I have to do, I'm looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing again.

Here are a couple of the websites that I refer to: (for purchases) and (for ideas, click on peanut gallery) If you're a fellow scrapbooker share your ideas, websites, and experiences.

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myrna_weblog said...

Can't wait to scrapbook again this weekend!