Thursday, September 15, 2005

Renting an Apt

I'm so upset this morning. Kristen sent an email to our landlord yesterday explaining about a fee that we've been paying on the gas/heat bill and asking for reimbursement since we moved into the apt 2 years ago. We figured he probably would say no but no harm in asking, this email has been one of many many emails sent to our landlord over the time that we have lived in his crappy basement apt.

I came in this morning to his response on my email....I'm so upset I could cry, or I should say so angry I could cry. He not only has said he's stunned that we should ask this cause he's done us SOOO many favours (what a crock of shit that is) that he should be the one asking for money for this and that, all of which were problems before and when we moved in. He has also basically called me a liar!! A liar of all things! One thing to accuse us of doing or not doing something but to attack my character directly is a big no no. He claimed that I told him we were moving into our new house in the spring and he's doing us a huge favour by allowing us to stay til Oct. First of all I didn't tell him when we were moving cause we didn't want him to know so he wouldn't make up some excuse to evict us earlier (he's pissed at us cause he's a real estate guy and we bought a new house and not a shitty old house like he wanted us to buy through him,....he's not a very good real estate guy in my opinion) and second of all you have to give a 60 day notice, we have never given notice for anything regarding moving out until the end of Aug 2005 when I submitted our official 60 day notice that we were moving the end of October.

Anyway, I could bitch and vent and go on forever but I'm going to let it be. Kristen nor I will be responding to the email. We will have no communication with our landlord until we move when we pass in our keys (if at all possible) I'm done, I'm tired of arguing, tired of being accused of being something I'm not just cause a cheap ass real estate guy is so money hungry that he doesn't care if his tennats are happy, or take pride in the home that he's trying to make his money from.

Can't wait to move into the house, only 41 more sleeps....yay! Going to be a LONG 41 days living in the shithole we're in :(

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