Thursday, September 29, 2005

Emergency C-section

I don't think I have mentioned in previous blogs that my cousin Lori has been in the hospital since this summer (July I think) due to a high risk pregnancy. She has Placenta previa if I remember correctly. Basically it means that she could hemorrhage to death and the baby coudl die as well. It's really scary but every precaution has been taken by the Doctors to monitor her and keep her as stable as possible.

Yesterday my Aunt informed me that they would be doing a c-section on Oct. 7th. The baby is at 33 weeks currently and the goal was to get passed 32 so this is a good thing. However this morning the bleeding started again and doesn't appear to be stopping. At 11am today the Doctors will be doing an emergency c-section. I just hope everything goes well and both mom and baby are okay. Please say a prayer and keep them in your thoughts today.


Messa1981 said...

Thats scary. I hope everyone will be ok!!

dafrhug said...

OMG! My heart goes out to her. I hope that she makes it through and that they are both ok.