Monday, August 29, 2005

The Terrible Daughter

In all the hustle and bustle of returning from vacation, getting back in the work scene and then our camping trip this weekend (which was great, a lot of rain Saturday evening, but overall a good time) I realized this morning that I hadn't talked to my parents since Thursday night meaning I missed calling them on their 29th wedding anniversary on the 27th (Saturday) I will have to make sure a phone call is made tonight ....eek!

My parents met January 1976 when my dad was visiting Bonne Bay. He went for the weekend with two friends from school (he was attending school in Stephenville to get his GED) while there he met my mom. By August 27, 1976 they were married, my dad was finished school and now a Bonne Bay resident. June 19th, 1977 my brother Blaine was born. They lived in Shoal Brook renting a little cottage I guess you could call it behind Mr. Cyril Sheppard's House. Dec 1979 they moved into our house (half of it was Aunt Thelma Caines old bakery) in Glenburnie and on March 22, 1980 I came into the world :)

I have seen from my parents the effort that goes into making a marriage work, I have seen the rough times when we didn't know where the next meal was going to come from (but was always provided for, by a loving family and church) I have seen the laughter, the hugs, the kisses, and the co-operation. My dad helping mom with the dishes, my mom helping dad figure out some problem. There are so many good things that I can take with me to my relationship because of their example. I'm very proud of them and love them very much. Congratulations Mom & Dad on 29 years of marriage and I hope for many many more.

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dafrhug said...

Yeah, "The Terrible Daughter", I bet your parents are never going to speak to you again. lol. Very touching blog though, brought tears to my eyes.