Wednesday, July 27, 2005

9 More Sleeps

Only 9 more sleeps and I'm on VACATION!! Woo-hoo!! I'm so excited about going home this summer, it'll be nice to be able to be at Stephs wedding but my main motivation is to see my family. It's hard being so far away and only seeing them once every year or two years. And now that all my friends are on vacation and they keep telling me how great a time they're having and how they really needed this break that I realize how much I need a break and a real vacation.

I spoke with Myrna Monday night and she was telling me how her wedding went perfectly. Which I'm so happy to hear, even though I couldn't be there I had hoped everything would go well. Can't believe she'll be back to work next week already and now as a Mrs. So

I spoke with Jen last night and she's just gushing on about how great it is to see the family and be home spending time with them. She also agreed that Myrna's wedding was perfect. At least everyone is in agreement that it was wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures & the video (which Myrna tells me the sound might only be the crashing

Well those are my thoughts for today on this rainy wednesday morning, and boy have we needed the rain. I would honestly be okay with it raining for the rest of the week :) but don't tell anyone I admitted that.

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