Friday, June 17, 2005

About Me

Myrna just posted this on her weblog cause she stole the idea from Leslie (Tara's friend) who did it on her weblog. So I'm doing the same!! It's just such a great idea.

LAYER ONE: On The Outside
- Name: Christa
- Nicknames: My dad calls me Chrissy-a, Ron Fiegehen at work calls me nooner, blonde bomber, and Chris
- Birthdate: March 22, 1980
- Birthplace: Corner Brook, Newfoundland
- Current Location: Brampton, Ontario
- Eye Color: bluish
- Hair Color: strawberry blonde
- Height: 5'5"
- Righty or Lefty: lefty all the way, I'm very left side dominant with just about everything
- Zodiac Sign: aries
- Religion: Christian - Pentecostal
- Sex: Female

LAYER TWO: In The Inside
- Your heritage: England from some sides of the family and other sides I've been told trace back to Native/Aboriginal people (though my red hair would NEVER say that)
- The shoes you wore today: Pink flip flops with red polka-dots, which I will probably get in trouble for since its against company dress code...eeek
- Who you look like: everyone says my dad, I don't see it.....he he
- Your weakness: honestly I don't know what to write here, I'm going to say my contrariness cause I feel like its what makes me a bad person sometimes :(
- Your fears: I'm afraid of being attacked by a sexual predator...honest I am!
- Your perfect pizza: Kraft brand homemade pizza , Little Caesars or Pizza Pizza or Pizza Delight pizza, I love it all.
- Goal you'd like to achieve: I want to travel and do the things that are on my lifes to do list.

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
- Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN:
- Your thoughts first waking up: Snooze button
- Your best physical feature: I like my eyes but I get the most compliments on my "natural" hair colour
- Your bedtime: 10ish during the week but Kristen always keeps the tv on til like 11!!
- Your most missed memory: Fires on the beach with all my highschool friends, listening to the guys play guitar and harmonica.

- Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi when I do drink pop
- McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds (Wendy's is my favourite though)
- Single or group dates: both
- Adidas or Nike: no preferance, I usually buy the best deal
- Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
- Cappuccino or coffee: I love french vanilla cappacinos from Tim Hortons

- Smoke: nope
- Curse: sometimes but not super bad words or anything
- Sing: all the time but I never know the lyrics, I just make them up
- Have had a crush(es): lots, I was usually the one getting dumped in highschool
- Think you've been in love: Absolutely
- Want to get married: yes, waiting "VERY" patiently
- Believe in yourself: Yes I do
- Motion sickness: Not really, just can't read in the car
- Think you're attractive: Overall yes but I definitely have bad days and have things that I know I could improve on
- Think you're a health freak: I'm getting there yes, Jen keeps giving me heck that I'm starting to worry so much about everything.
- Get along with your parents: yes
- Like thunderstorms: yes
- Play an instrument: nope but I would love to learn to play the piano

LAYER SIX: Have you ever...
- Smoked: yes, tried it a few times in highschool, quit when I got sick from queasy...
- Done Drugs?: never
- Gone to the mall?: not today but love going when I have $$
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: don't think so
- Eaten sushi: the one thing Kristen still hasn't "made" me try
- Been on stage: Yes, not recently
- Gone skating: about a year and a half ago
- Gone skinny dipping: Its on my "Lifes To Do List"
- Dyed your hair: once I dyed it blonde every other time hi-lights
- Been called a tease: not lately
- Gotten beaten up: nah, not the violent type...he he

LAYER SEVEN: Getting Older
- Age you hope to be married: honestly I hoped to be married now at age 25 :(
- Numbers and Names of Children: No kids yet, so many names that I like: Riley, Mason for boys, Lindy, Caroline Grace (after my grandma's) Rae, Caileigh or MaKailah for a girl
- Describe your dream wedding: Very simple I'm a plain Jane, small and intimate. Outside would be nice too
- How do you want to die: I don't know, I have realized in the last few months though that I do fear death.
- What do you want to be when you grow up: I have no idea, sometimes I think I want to be a stay at home mom, other times I think maybe I should open my own business...I'm still young let you know when I figure it all out :)
- What country would you most like to visit: Australia

LAYER EIGHT: In a partner
- Best eye color?: no preferance, I like Kristens though cause they're a really unique colour
- Best hair color?: Brown
- Short or long hair: Short, I like pretty boys
- Height: Taller than me
- Best articles of clothing: jeans and nice striped dress shirt

LAYER NINE: In The Numbers...
- Number of CDs that you own: Kristen burns and owns most of our cd's
- Number of Tattoos: none, I've realized that I like them on other people sometimes but definitely don't want one for myself. I don't like when they're peeking out of clothes cause then it makes the person look dirty...weird I know but its how I am
- Number of piercings: one in each ear
- Number of times your name has appeared in the newspaper: twice that I can remember - one for a math award in Gr. 12 and a basketball team one when I was 12 or 13 years old.

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Jenny said...

That's a cool idea...I just might have to steal that one myself. :)

Yeah you are way too obsessed about the health stuff now, and secondly you forgot to mention your "smoking grass days". lol.